You may find yourself with data that is not currently in use, but you don't want to delete it (because it may be required in the future). This is not an ideal situation, because the unused Data Sources are counting towards your plan usage, as well as cluttering your interface. To solve this problem, you can move the unused data to a managed account which you then disable.

You would start by creating a new managed account for this purpose; this is done from the "Managed accounts" section of your account settings. Next, you can move any unused Nodes (which may include Workspaces, Locations, Data Sources, Charts, Folders, etc.) into the managed account. Finally, you disable the managed account; this means users will not have access to Workspaces, historical data, or events until the account is re-enabled. And the Data Sources of the disabled account do not count towards the plan usage.   

If you need to re-enable the account at any time in the future, this can be easily done; however, keep in mind that the newly enabled Data Sources will once again count towards your plan usage, which may cause you to exceed the plan limit. If this happens, you can either repeat the archiving process, or choose a larger plan.

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