Processing & Logic is a great way to manipulate data in, but if you're not feeling confident with JavaScript, you can also use your spreadsheet know-how to calculate values using Google Sheets.

Let's walk through the steps to access time-series data from Google Sheets and return your calculated data to

  1. From your Parameter properties, choose the Security tab, enable Public Access and copy the generated link (note that this feature is available at STANDARD account levels and above):

2. Create a new Google Sheets document, select the first cell and enter the following formula (using the Link captured in Step 1):

3. Add a calculation to Column C that relies on your imported data in Column B

4. From the File menu choose Publish to the web, select Comma-separated values format and copy the generated link

5. Back in, create a new file Data Source, choose Download via HTTP transport and enter the link captured in Step 4.

This completes the configuration steps for exposing data to Google Sheets and returning calculated values to

Things to consider:

  • The Public Access and Google Sheets Publish to the web features allow anyone on the internet to access your data via the generated links
  • The Public Access feature provides access to the most recent 7 days of data from your Parameter; to access periods longer than this you will need to use our HTTP API
  • Google Sheets will read from your Public Access link once per hour and recalculate spreadsheet values (this rate cannot be increased)
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