Alice visits a site once a week and takes a manual reading of accumulated rainfall, current temperature and battery voltage. Alice would like to see this data alongside her existing time-series data in but needs an easy way to punch in the information.

Google Forms makes it simple to input sample data. To get started, we will create a new Form with fields to accept the information Alice collects at each site visit.

Every record in needs an associated timestamp; for this purpose, we’ve included a Visit Date to capture when Alice made her weekly visit.

We’ve also added fields for each of the three sensor readings Alice will take while on site.

To store the information captured by our Form lets create a new Spreadsheet.

Next, we’ll configure our Spreadsheet to publish the data; this allows to access the information collected by our Form.

Choose CSV format and copy the URL to the published data.

Finally, we create a new Data Source in and configure the transport to download from our published data URL.

Now the Form is linked to and ready to use!

On her weekly visit Alice can simply complete the form, click submit and at the next collection interval, her results will appear in 😃

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