Establishing a TCP Callback connection to is a 4 step process:

  1. Configure your Data Source to use the TCP Callback transport and note the allocated Device ID

  2. Open a TCP socket to

  3. Transmit the allocated Device ID to the socket

  4. Switch the socket to PakBus mode to allow to communicate with your logger

A CRBasic snippet of this process looks like:

sock = TCPOpen("",4332,1000)

Data collection can be triggered in two ways:

  1. Scheduled collection by (hence the Retry Attempts). This method assumes your logger has already established a connection to and is waiting for interrogation. It is the logger's responsibility to maintain this connection. If you do not wish to perform server-based scheduled collection you can disable the schedule using the checkbox.

  2. Event based collection. Each time your logger establishes a connection will trigger an acquisition (i.e. data collection). In this way, your logger can determine the rate at which data is collected or perform event based data collection by re-establishing the connection periodically. will automatically collect all values since the last collection. To manually adjust the date from which values will be collected for a table, head to the Series tab and choose 'Set Acquire Time' from the options menu.

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