An important metric that may affect the performance of in your web browser is the number of Nodes loaded in the Workspaces tree at one time (a Node is any item in the Workspaces tree, and includes Groups, Locations, Data Sources, Charts, Parameters, Attachments etc.). 

We suggest that related Nodes be grouped together into separate Workspaces, so that only the currently used Workspaces need to be loaded.

Workspaces that are not loaded will appear as a grey box icon; to load them, choose "Load Workspace" from the menu; this will enable you to work with all the Nodes contained within. If you are not currently using a Workspace, you can unload it by choosing "Unload Workspace" from the menu:

By reducing the number of Workspaces loaded at one time, you can prevent your web browser becoming slower or unresponsive. 

As a general rule, we recommend keeping the number of Nodes that are loaded to no more than 1000 (this will be the sum of all Nodes in all currently loaded Workspaces).  However this number may be more or less, based on the type of Nodes. We are constantly working towards performance improvements which will allow this number to be increased.

You can see the number of Nodes in a Workspace by looking at the Properties; for example, this Workspace contains 96 Nodes:

We recommend that top-level projects be organized into a Workspace per project, instead of a Group per project. 

Not all types of Nodes will have exactly the same contribution to load (for example the data model for a Data Source is more complex than the data model for an Attachment), so that is why the 1000 Node suggestion is not a hard limit. 

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